Tuesday, 20 May 2014

What a day...........................

The floors have now been raised, more photos as is of today in future posts, the bathroom will be a wet room with a sliding door.

As per previous post the hallway and bathroom joists are rotten, teak but rotten, probably unsalvagable, the floor joists all had a white fur growing up and around them, there was no option but to rip it all out, simple.......

No, probably one of the most testing days for both Danny and myself, not a pretty sight and not a nice job, filthy rotten wood, got it all out, cleaned the bilge which stunk, having said that sitting here now with the fan on and the dehumidifier doing their thing it is done, tomorrow is another day, learnt more about what not to do, so all in all, one of those days. we eventuallysucked the water out of the bath using a pump and a wet vac 40lt from Screwfix, very handy tool, I was hoping to have revived the 24v system in time, the room has now been cleaned and cleared all the 24v lights and switches have been taken of the wall, a blank canvas for a wet room and new staircase.

Airflow and extraction, moisture couldn't escape.

Leave it to dry out, start getting the welded door for the bedroom of the wall and start putting pen to paper, drawings for the wet room.

One very big positive one of the batteries is fully charged the second is on charge so looks like we will have a fully functional 24v system back on very soon.