Sunday, 4 May 2014

Steptoe's Reclamation Yard

The front and back of the boat are starting to resemble Steptoe's yard, the wood at the back the rubbish at the front. All jokes aside all the wood will go back into the boat, the tongue and groove will go back down in the hallway, the pine from the walls in the bedroom will rebuild the back wall to the engine room and the pile on the right will be burnt, the door from the bedroom will be used to make a wood store room on the back deck. Danny has taken the four inch tongue and groove to make the kitchen table and benches, the rubbish at the front is mainly rotten wood which will have to dumped and the insulation will go back into the walls in the bedrooms.

The front room currently has the spiral staircase in pieces all the cast iron radiators and the wine boxes which are going to be shelves in the wardrobes.