Saturday, 17 May 2014

Kitchen update and Electrics

After careful consideration and re running the existing wire loom for the kitchen we can use the existing cable and just add junction boxes and sockets where desired the existing double sockets have married up with where we have decided, one for the d/washer and washing machine and a double socket above for an iron and a hoover, three double sockets above the work surface two singles to the side of the herb and spice rack and two doubles coming up through the floor in metal conduit and attached to the table for laptops and phone chargers and a double socket above the fridge.

Two singles to the right of cabinet

two doubles in threaded metal conduit.

The kitchen has been double battened to allow for the 35mm double socket boxes, we have found that double battening from the beams has created more of a curve and leveled out the imperfections which made bending the 9mm ply yesterday like something out of the krypton factor so lesson learnt double batten on a curve, makes life easier in the long run.

When we took out the first dividing wall we were concerened about how weight bearing the wall was structurally, we checked triple checked and checked again, no problem, however we have the cast iron radiators back to bear metal the boat has an industrial feel so with the introduction of the metal conduit we have decided to put a vertical steel to compensate for any weight shift and to finish the end of the tongue and groove dividing wall.

Looks good feels like it should be there. I think that is the best thing to do with a wooden boat follow your instincts and don't be scared to ask for advice you will be surprised where the best information comes from, talk...