Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Staircase slide mad idea maybe not.......

With an eleven month old son, some might say you are mad to think you can bring a baby up on a boat what about the stairs what about?

What about the stairs very good question. Baby gates simple but who wants to live simple why can't you have stairs with a slide, Finley can climb the stairs no problem but has not quite worked out down which could be a problem, so the idea is to have stairs with a slide on one side a gate that can be opened coming up the stairs but a baby gate from above.

Silly idea.... maybe not after a look on the internet and pinterest it seems to be more than doable and popular with the kids when done, that is it, both the stairs leading to the downstairs and from the walkway and into Finley's bedroom there will be slide stairs as they are now called.

Existing staircase opening to the kitchen and new stair design

After a bit of investigating it has become apparent that the doorway to the kitchen needs to be opened right up and the doorstep lowered, this is the only way to create a staircase with the space constrictions.

Widen and lower the entrance to the kitchen the staircase can then sweep in and out the kitchen down to the bottom level and Finley's slide can be built on the outside.

staircase to finley's bedroom

The slide staircase to finley's bedroom is straight down so will be vary similar to the last two images from the post above.

History and Insurance


As with a house the same applies with a boat you need insurance for contents and structure, while filling out the forms I found I couldn't answer all of the questions regarding the boat's history, place of registration, depending on which country the boat is first registered a certain amount of tax has to be paid to that country. After a bit of research and time I started to develop a picture of the boat's history a few pictures of the boat as a trawler.


I found some history from the Fishing and Aquaculture Department with the gross tonnage year of registration, Country of registration and construction which answered all the questions required by the insurance company by simply adding the boats name and official number, I had tried previously without the official number and found nothing, if you buy a boat there should be the official number somewhere on the boat I found Tino's number written on one of the safety rings.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Front deck

Front Deck

As with the back deck the floor the damp course has split and cracked the metal decking is trapping water between the asphalt and decking. After taking up the decking the asphalt is in bad condition and it seems like the decking was put on the asphalt when it was hot creating air pockets which have been trapping water the deck will somehow have to be levelled, a water proof screed??

After looking for a waterproof screed and watching alot of rain soak the boat, I have come up with a way of controlling the rain flow across the deck using the roofing flashing for the edges a rain diversion strip running from the top of the deck to the outlet corner run of using some of the wood from the kitchen a waterproof quick setting cement and isoflex to seal and some 1"x 1" wood for diversion.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Deck repairs rain and floods

With the country now under a foot of water we have probably chosen the worst weather to start working on the decks.

However, the rain does highlight how rain runs of the deck where it pools and where there are weak spots.

Rain diversion

After nights of research on google looking at roofing supplies and rain harvesting I have come up with an idea to seal the roof using roofers flashing around the edges of the deck and a rubber roofing paint/sealer Isoflex and simple diversion with strips of one by one sealed with a wood hardener sealed with the isoflex.


Leaks rainwater and a wooden boat


Having sanded the floorboards I now know where the small leaks the previous owner mentioned, very small but in a few places in the kitchen hall way and bathroom some worse than others all coming from the top deck.

Top Deck

When Tino was originally converted Myles the original owner asphalted the deck with roofing felt underneath and a damp course around the edges and screwed metal decking into the asphalt and wooden deck.  The damp course has started to crack and has completely split in areas letting in water, water is also being trapped in between the decking and asphalt, the whole floor has to be pulled up and resealed.

Rain water and Sea water

Sea water preserves rain water rots, after taking up the decking the problem is quite clear, the asphalt has blown in areas the screws weakened the strength of the asphalt and the asphalt has dipped allowing water to poll and find it's way into the hallway and kitchen. The deck is on a slant creating weak points along the rotten damp course which is the main cause of the major leaks.

Layout and Kitchen


After sanding the floors and getting a feel for the boat I have come up with a layout, the steps in the main bedroom one on the right holds the bed up and the ones on the right serve no purpose, the lower level will be made into fitted wardrobes with a walk way to the second bedroom on the upper level leading through to Finley's bedroom.

The kitchen will be opened up, all the walls are partition walls mainly held in by nails and in line with a supporting beam, just takes a leap of faith a crow bar and tenacity, once removed remove the excess nails and the wall is removed.

Natural light 

In the kitchen there is an adjustable perspex rooflight which throws in natural light however as you can see by the picture it is frosted, can a new top be fabricated, would throw in alot of light and would be a good way of bringing the outside in.

There is also roof hatch leading down to the kitchen area which serves no purpose as a hatch, a double glazed window and frame would be good for cooking smells and more natural light.

Proposed downstairs layout 

Saturday, 22 February 2014



Kitchen is split into two small rooms the kitchen is as it would be as a working boat,  partition wall splitting the kitchen in two.with a built in cupboard. idea 1 take out the cupboard shelves and partition wall, remove shelf above work surface and sand the floorboards.

Floorboards hallway and kitchen

Having previously rented a big floor sander and a small hand held and finding it easier to use the hand held I decided to buy a belt sander,

After spending a night looking for various tools I found a belt sander at screwfix Titan £45.