Tuesday, 25 February 2014

History and Insurance


As with a house the same applies with a boat you need insurance for contents and structure, while filling out the forms I found I couldn't answer all of the questions regarding the boat's history, place of registration, depending on which country the boat is first registered a certain amount of tax has to be paid to that country. After a bit of research and time I started to develop a picture of the boat's history a few pictures of the boat as a trawler.


I found some history from the Fishing and Aquaculture Department with the gross tonnage year of registration, Country of registration and construction which answered all the questions required by the insurance company by simply adding the boats name and official number, I had tried previously without the official number and found nothing, if you buy a boat there should be the official number somewhere on the boat I found Tino's number written on one of the safety rings.