Monday, 24 February 2014

Front deck

Front Deck

As with the back deck the floor the damp course has split and cracked the metal decking is trapping water between the asphalt and decking. After taking up the decking the asphalt is in bad condition and it seems like the decking was put on the asphalt when it was hot creating air pockets which have been trapping water the deck will somehow have to be levelled, a water proof screed??

After looking for a waterproof screed and watching alot of rain soak the boat, I have come up with a way of controlling the rain flow across the deck using the roofing flashing for the edges a rain diversion strip running from the top of the deck to the outlet corner run of using some of the wood from the kitchen a waterproof quick setting cement and isoflex to seal and some 1"x 1" wood for diversion.