Sunday, 23 February 2014

Layout and Kitchen


After sanding the floors and getting a feel for the boat I have come up with a layout, the steps in the main bedroom one on the right holds the bed up and the ones on the right serve no purpose, the lower level will be made into fitted wardrobes with a walk way to the second bedroom on the upper level leading through to Finley's bedroom.

The kitchen will be opened up, all the walls are partition walls mainly held in by nails and in line with a supporting beam, just takes a leap of faith a crow bar and tenacity, once removed remove the excess nails and the wall is removed.

Natural light 

In the kitchen there is an adjustable perspex rooflight which throws in natural light however as you can see by the picture it is frosted, can a new top be fabricated, would throw in alot of light and would be a good way of bringing the outside in.

There is also roof hatch leading down to the kitchen area which serves no purpose as a hatch, a double glazed window and frame would be good for cooking smells and more natural light.

Proposed downstairs layout