Saturday, 3 May 2014

Finley's Bedroom

Finley's bedroom Dec 2014 got there in the end, the bed is designed and being made as I write this post.

Mahogany strip floor and clad side steps.

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Now we have the walkwayt is time to start thinking about the back wall to the engine room in Finley's bedroom, there is a damp smell and a few slightly damp patches in the corner of the steps. After some investigation it is clear that the whole wall is rotten beyond repair, needs to be ripped out and replaced, this is a problem due to one of my first posts, the rain run of on the top deck is directlt above the wall and has taken the damage, sounds strange to say but I am glad to have found it, the boat has sat relatively still since 2002 without any of the water diversions now implemented, until now the damage was minimal well to a degree but nothing as bad as this. No option starting ripping it out and clearing as we go, this is definitely a messy job.

So far!!!