Friday, 16 May 2014

New Hallway and Bathroom/ wet room

After taking the final pieces of the inner skin in the hallway we discovered that the joists holding up the hallway stairs and bathroom are showing signs of wet rot, the knock on effects from one of my first posts regarding rain run of, the hallway is directly under the run of for the back deck and will need to be replaced, ther is a partition wall to the bathroom which can easily be removed the toilet and bath will have to come out.

Personally I prefer a shower to a bath, a perfect opportunity to change, the bathroom is probably one of the better rooms hence never getting a mention until now, I was quite happy to leave it as is but now we are changing the floor I am thinking of a polished concrete wet room shower.

Where we are at the moment, nothing like starting from the bottom up....

After rip out.

 Bathroom idea, quite doable and not as expensive as it may sound, make a box with an upstand put in plumbing, pour in concrete, I am sure there will be someone who will tell me it can't be done, mind you Roland is in tomorrow, see what he has to say.

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