Monday, 12 May 2014

One of those days

Ever had one of those days where it felt like everything was going wrong but in actual fact everything went right, when I bought the boat I knew there would be challenging days and today was definitely one of them. On one hand we are moving forward with the kitchen, it is starting to come together, it feels right suits the shape of the room and more importantly compliments the boat but in the back of my mind I know we need to deal with the damp proofing and the wall to the engine room before we get too far forward, the carcasses were only being cut and temporarily put in place originally, however due to the fact nothing is ever level it took a day to get them looking right with the tide in and out they have stayed in place we can get to the back of them all and from behind and under the hatch in the floor. the first wall has been stripped back and treated and will be damp proofed in the morning.

Finley's Bedroom

I have always been aware of the damp in Finley's bedroom and after speaking to the marina engineer and an old shipwright, the engine room wall is being completely removed and replaced, the floor has been taken up, as per one of my first posts we are seeing first hand the damage caused by the fresh water run of, just as the day finished the skies opened up as if a sign to remind me of the need to get the outside of the boat caulked painted and a rain water run of system installed so the same doesn't happen again in a hurry.

As it was raining I created a few temporary run of with the roofer flashings I had in the captains cabin which definitely took the pressure of downstairs, simple experiment as you can see below.

The floor has been taken up exposing the concrete ballast as there is trapped water from the first bucket down to the keel and bilge which I was hoping was a blockage instead we have ended up exposing another job that in reality needs to be addressed, the damp and trapped water in Finley's bedroom, once everything is covered back up it is too late, three pumps later and a length of pipe most of the water has been pumped out using the manual bilge pump. 

Scary at first, after a while and a bit of a clear out needs a good clean up, there is oil in the water which will have to be pumped out and disposed of correctly, all doable.

There will be more hatches and air vents in the bedroom floors to allow the boat to breath, the automatic bilge system has just moved up the priority list and a simple back up system using some guttering and routing to the bilge will avoid any further problem with trapped water from the rain run of directly above, although the boat is a boat it is static with freshwater being the devil I am going to speak to Dave Hodder the Marina welder about welding some diverters and down pipes to the wheelhouse.