Saturday, 17 May 2014

Extraction and airflow idea

There is always going o be an element of moisture with a wooden boat, you can put in all the damp proofing you want but the moisture needs to escape, we are going to create a 12v/24v air flow system in the bilges using fans in the kitchens and extractors in the bathroom connected to the bilge pumps to create airflow via the main beams and vents there will be extraction in the kitchen attached to the old flu above where the new grill will be.

This is going to be very apparent in the bathroom, have decided on a rubber flooring for the walls in white will go perfectly with the polished concrete floor and water condensation and moisture will naturally run down to the floor to the macerator pump and out.

The norm....

We are going to use a more industrial version surface water guttering.

There is going to have to also be extraction in the floors creating airflow and helping to pull the moisture down onto the newton lave and back to the bilge, well that is the theory so far.