Sunday, 18 May 2014

24 volt system configuration updated june 2014

The lights in the kitchen and bathroom lights and water pump are all powered by the original 24v system. When I bought the boat the weather was far from ideal and the engine room door was held open, I immediately had my suspicions, I asked a few people on the marina, heating engineer and a couple of other people who work on the boats, the only explanation given was air flow, I was not convinced and closed the door.

When  a friend who happens to be an electrician took a look around the boat and how the electrics were configured he noticed that there was a charger plugged into the battery bank permanently switched on, effectively powering the batteries, I know from a VW Golf I owned that was over charging the battery and the funny smell I kept getting in the car was hydrogen gas, the door to the engine room was permanently open because the previous owner a church organ repairer, a shady profession believe it or not, had the door open to expel any gases, I immediately turned the charger of, however the system pumps the water from the sink and bath in the bathroom, which currently resembles a scene from Silence of the Lambs, something has to be done there are four batteries in the battery compartment connected and four new batteries with female threaded terminals by the door apparently recently bought but not installed.

Looked for threaded terminals to no avail, bought four from Ebay but the threads were too big.

After a bit of investigating and youtube I have decided to see if I can revive the old batteries.

bit blurred but not alot of light

Looks a right old mess

After a while and remembering what I have read there are two 24v systems on a trawler and a starter system, a 24v system to run the lights and pumps and another for electronics. I have also located the starter batteries two 12v 415a batteries wired in series without the negative terminals attached.

Only one thing to do take pictures draw configuration clean up the batteries and all terminals check the levels and try and recharge individually.

the bolts were slightly rusty on the first two but with a bit of determination and patience they loosened.

Just a thought the first two batteries seem to be running the lights etc and a visibly corroded and a bit battered, the second batteries seem less damaged, I am going to charge all the batteries, I have seen on youtube that batteries can be rejuvenated a few ways one being adding a little epsom salt (magnesium) to the distilled water, batteries filled with distilled water and epsom salts and on charge, and maybe put the back Erf batteries at the front and vice versa, we will see.

Don't look that old I think it is a clear case of neglect but I feel confident and I have a few options, so hopefully we can get the water pumped out of the bathroom and renew the joists.

Quick update, the batteries are definitely taking charge, starting to make a crackling noise when I take one of the caps of.

Going to install a solar charging system with a sulphate repair and regulator for future maintenance.

24v System is 100% up and running, bought a sulphate repair and regulator from ebay for future maintenance, £50, alot cheaper than a new battery, the first owner installed a pressurised system, after changing a fuse a pump turned on, after following a few cables back I have found the pump, the water is switched of so I have taken the fuse out until I know what is what.