Friday, 6 June 2014

Wood yard

Due to a power cut we have started denailing and sorting out what wood can be reused and what wood will be cut up for fire wood, the pine taken out of the bedrooms needs to denailed and will be used by Danny at Messenger's and to rebuild the walls in the hallway, bathroom and Finley's bedroom, the tongue and groove taken of the kitchen and hallway wall will be resized and used as floorboards in the front room. The rest of the floor from the hallway, we are not sure if it is iroko, known as African Teak, or whether it is Teak, what we do know is that the wood is from the hallway and bathroom floor, originally the fish hold and not from the original build, the floor would have been laid between 2002 and 2005, with Teak at a premium and the quantity used it is more than likely iroko, as it is known as African Teak coupled with Myle's (the original owner who converted Tino) attention to detail iroko would have been a justified second choice, will be used to make the beds.