Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Bedroom walls

Although the walls in the bedrooms look good they hide a rotten secret, a bit dramatic but after peeling back the first layer our tests proved to be right, the walls are four layers, tongue and groove then insulation and battening another horizontal tongue and groove and finally 4 inch tongue and groove, the horizontal tongue and groove is rotten, the insulation has the reverse effect it traps the moisture, it would never have dried out, no other option but to take the wall back to the four inch tongue and groove layer by layer, the four inch tongue and groove has what can only be described as roofers felt between the two layers which has kept out the moisture another saw from Screwfix, this time a circular saw and we have the first layer of quickly.

After the first layer and insulation has been removed the rotten layer actually looks good but as said the bottom half is rotten and it would be impossible to match up.

Writing from the original boatbuilder on the metal struts which will be kept and use elsewhere in the boat possibly for cables.

Getting there, the tongue and groove is in good shape and will blend in nicely slightly darker than the main beams and support, the fitted wardrobes will be white and there will be a colour behind the bed which will blend nicely with the contrasting woods.


All done, needs to be treated, the bedroom door is of and out.

The Planks to the left and right of the door were rotten, they sat directly underneath the corners of the steel frame above and were rotted whilst Tino has been a houseboat,  now the leaks above have been sealed this should not be a problem in the future, definitely on the ongoing maintenance list, check the deck for leaks, Isoflex any weak spots.


We have finally peeled back the various layers of the bedroom wall. 

The four layers  between the bedroom wall and hallway, there were seven layers in total, three layers either side of the final four inch tongue and groove, Tino was built for some serious weather conditions.

We are left with the four inch tongue and groove, one corner in Finley's bedroom needs to be rebuilt but all in all pleased with the end result.