Saturday, 21 June 2014

Final push, last of the trapped moisture

When we bought the boat, we knew the work that was involved in getting Tino dry, the plan is and has always been quite simple, get the boat dry at all costs, strip back any rotten wood and dispose of it.

We know the final layout, the main priority up until this point has been to get us to this point.

One word of advise do not be swayed by friends, partner's, tradesmen or your own self doubt.

Tino is a wooden boat, from day one we knew there was trapped moisture, what you can rely on is that boats like Tino are extremely well made. I have the upmost respect for the Danish boatbuilders, there attention to detail is second to none, Tino is a testament to that fact, something that is sadly missing within most trades and construction today.

The two bedrooms were originally one room, where the fish was stored after gutting, there would have been an ice machine and fish stacked, a refrigerated room hence the insulation, hence the thickness of the walls and their various layers. The Oak floor in the bedroom has been carefully taken up and is now in the front room in the wood store ready to be relaid, when we took up the floor in Finley's bedroom we could see various bits of metal and two blocked drains that ran through the bedroom hence no hatch in the bedroom, however as mentioned they are blocked and moisture is trapped underneath with no way of escaping, no choice the floor has to come up and the partition wall has to be taken down.

I am not going to say this was easy. The anticipation, the fact of where we are working, the key is patience, tenacity and plenty of stepping back to assess.

All the planks are soaking 

What lies beneath

We have had a fan and a dehumidifier going all night, the gullys have been cleared, it is going to need a bit of thought and preperation.

we have the waterproof cement, the isoflex and the damp proof membrane, plan being to dry it out, rebuild the sides with the rapid drying cement from Cementone, Vactan and Isoflex the metal and put a damp proof membrane, there will be ventilation in the floor. Idea being to create airflow under the floor pushing any moisture down the gullys to the bilge to a pump and out.

Vactan, get rid of the rust.