Thursday, 19 June 2014

Air Flow, caulking iron and cotton, fully rigged bosun's chair, new lights brass vents and the ship's mate.

Before we can start to treat or apply any resins on the internal wood downstairs we need to give Tino time to dry out, we have opened all the hatches and doors in the kitchen ceiling, put a dehumidifier and fan in the middle of the main bedroom and opened the engine room door and hatch in attempt to pull air through to remove any final moisture.

Once again time to have a clear up, all the tools are back in the kitchen, the upstairs is back in some resemblance of order, slowly but surely we are starting to notice the difference, we have definitely turned a corner. 

Brass handles from China, nearly time...

Looking more like Lasco's than Steptoe's yard...

Original cast iron radiators in the princess design, a roll top bath

Original ships welded door with porthole

cast iron spiral staircase with ten treads

Sofa bed

ship's mate, Daisy


Double locker

New lights

Need a bit of attention but suit the boat perfectly, original enameled lights,  I have seen a couple of other ship lights in a little shop that will compliment the new hallway.

Brass vents

Caulking Iron cotton and epoxy resins and filler

After alot of research, six months we have decided how we are going to approach the caulking sanding priming and painting of the outside of the boat, what tools what sealer/primer/wood hardener, which method.

We are going to do a mix of the two, Tino is now a house boat, she is not constantly wet as she would have been as a working boat, however with this in mind and after a good look around the various wooden boat forums we are going to caulk Tino in a traditional manner, we have bought an original caulking iron and we have an original scraper to remove any old caulking, you can find them both easily on the internet.

The joints will be epoxy sealed then caulked with oakum and sealed with sikoflex and resealed with epoxy resins then painted.

The work is being undertaken by Aimee at A.Y Marine Services based here in the marina.

cotton in picture will be used for the upper edge, thinner boards.

Epoxy resins from

Bosun's chair

As our mooring is tidal most of the work will be done using a bosun's chair, luckily enough a good friend Peter's brother Luke is a Fire and rescue specialist, he has rigged us up a safe bosun's chair, thank you very much, idea being to attach the ropes to th railings on the roof and abseil down the side of the boat.

 we are finally ready to give Tino a facelift..