Monday, 2 June 2014

Bolts, Beams, Fasteners, paint remover, flapper discs and a wire brush

Now the main support beam has been ground and sanded back to Oak the through out the boat, the  decision has been made regarding the beams in the hallway and kitchen, we are going to take the beams back to wood and the deck ceiling will be white, one of the deciding factors was to expose the metal work in the ceiling which is affectively the deck above, the kitchen cupboards are not being painted and left as wood, the floor boards are sanded back to wood, the white ceiling, white concrete work surface and chequer plate splash back will hopefully break it up when finished, all the metal work is being stripped back to metal and vactaned to stop any future rust, we are in danger of having too much wood exposed..

The previous owners have thrown gloss at the ceiling but after a few rounds of paint remover and wire brushes hand held and drill attachments we are starting to get somewhere.



More than pleased.