Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Polished concrete sample

Downstairs is as good as dry, the outside is being sanded and caulked (pictures to follow), time to turn back to the kitchen, the drawers and a few cupboards need to be finished but most importantly the polished concrete work surface. We have everything we need, white portland cement, fine sand, Canterbury Spa, rapid hardener, wire mesh for support and our mould.

We made a slurry first, just cement and water with hardener and painted that around the sides, we then mixed our cement, sand and canterbury spa keeping the mix quite dry adding water bit by bit until the mix was inbetween wet and dry, starting in the corners and edge and worked our way in.

Float the surface with a small piece of wood

Vibrating sander to remove air bubbles



Needs grinding to show the aggregate but very happy with the end result.