Wednesday, 25 June 2014

CPES, Clear penetrating Epoxy sealer Sample

Whilst the polished concrete is drying we are going to do a sample with the epoxy sealer, we will be using alot of the resin and filler on the outside, as this is a product we have not used before we are going to do a few samples, the resin and filler come with very informative instructions and data, depending on the current state of the wood depends on the drying time, the hard work has been taken out of the meausuring, equal amounts of each, a cup jug, a cut down lemonade bottle, mark what ever it is you are using, the key is simply equal amounts.

Apply liberally

As per instructions give the wood a good coating, allows the epoxy to soak into the wood

The resin has definitely soaked into the wood nicely, we will add some more photos of the results today as well as sampling the wood filler.

Both products are available online from