Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Complete update

The bedroom walls have all been peeled back, any rotten wood has been removed and dumped, Tino is over 40 years old and has not been maintained for the past five years, a no no with a wooden boat, luckily we have managed to strip Tino back in a methodical fashion, take your time, I knew from almost day one of owning Tino that she had suffered, we have an ideal location, the views the sounds the wildlife but we are open to the elements one side more than the other, Myles the original owner added the front room steel dome but did not compensate for the rain run of, the dome created four weak spots and that is where we found the most damage the rest was wear and tear that you would expect after fourty years in the water. 

New rain run of system now painted white

We have made and cut a down pipe which will be bolted and screwed to the floor and isoflexed.

The old insulation has been taken out, as previously stated the insulation was originally installed to act as refrigeration for the fish hold, moisture had got trapped between the insulation and third layer, which had taken all the damage, as you can imagine not a pleasant job but very satisfying when done, word of advise these boats were extremely well made, don't rush and don't get over zealous with the power tools, do little investigations with a cordless drill and good drill bits, there were seven layers between the bedroom and hallway wall and kitchen and hallway wall, the engine room to Finley's bedroom was exactly the same, when we took out the kitchen wall we could clearly see how the walls were constructed after a few investigation holes it was clear all the walls were constructed in the same order and thicknesses, we could comfortably peel the walls back, if something wont come out leave it for another day, it may need a rethink.

All the main beams supports and ribs have been sanded and angle ground back and partially treated, we are picking up the epoxy preserver sealer and filler tomorrow, all the wood work will be treated before the damp course and new inner skin is installed next week.

The hall way and shower room are ready to have the plumbing, damp proof membrane, bilge pump and new floor installed, the chequer plate floor originally on the decks will be cleaned cut up and be the new floor, the new staircase is in hand.

The kitchen is ready to be plumbed, the drawers, cabinets and shelves all need finishing, the beams have all been sanded back, the damp proof membrane has been installed behind the cabinets, we can start to look at the work surface and the air flow system, the electrics are all being run in galvanised conduit, water proof and a fitting addition. Bought two large industrial lights from the bathouse in Bell Green that will be perfect for above the kitchen table, the previous owner has painted over the dark green enamel, a bit of paint stripper and it will come of easily, I also bought some brass circular vents and picked up a sample of flooring.

The bedroom furniture is being made and will be fitted when the bedroom bilge has been cleaned and a new hatch installed.


You can se the thickness that has been removed by the new paint exposed on the main beam

I have picked up the epoxy primer and filler, I bought a large repair kit, the plan being to do some sample runs to see how much we need and wether to buy the warm or cold, may sound stupid with our weater but the cold is made for the extreme cold and although we don't have the best summers we are in the middle it is what will be the most effective.

What we got, comes with very informative instructions with diagrams, always helpful when using a new product for the first time, as stated in previous post's be open minded, do your research before putting your hand in your pocket, there are other products on the market but the CPES came out on top the only problem was you could only buy it in America and Scandinavia, luckily enough there is now a UK distributor, another word of advice go back over your research, when I first bought Tino there wasn't a UK distributor, with the sanding, caulking priming and painting imminent I was researching which primer to use and came back to the American site which directed me to the UK distributor 

This is what we got