Monday, 28 September 2015

Terry's Tea

We have now set up the business mentioned in my profile, we are now mortgage free, time to work on the business, as mentioned in our previous post the old man Terry Yardley set up Terrys Cafe in 1982, the wholesale meat trade local butchers and the whole meat trade died overnight with the introduction of supermarkets, while growing up the old man had pig farms a chain of butchers shops and he also ran canteens on the big Tarmac and Elliot's building sites in and around South London, one in Farnborough Village where we later grew up, in 1982 he diversified and bought an old greasy spoon, threw out all the local layabouts and started again with the help of Auntie Kath, there is a video on the Terry's Cafe website outlining the history of the shop, being a meat trader all the produce to this day is bought direct from the Markets both Smithfield meat market and the Borough fruit and veg market.

Austin my younger brother, named after Austin's of Peckham a dairy during the morning and a reclamation yard/ Antique shop during the day, now owns and runs Terry's Cafe on a daily basis, the only part of the breakfast that can be enhanced is the beverages, fresh coffee has been introduced, fresh juice will soon be available and we have just brought out our own range of Tea, Terry's Tea pure unblended Ceylon Tea sourced directly from the tea plantations in Sri Lanka, we have just created our own blend of Breakfast tea Morning Pride, a cup of tea since 1982 has been 20p with your breakfast, we are now  going to purely sell Terry's Tea at the shop, £1 bottomless Terry's Tea with your breakfast.

We will soon be introducing our take on Afternoon Tea from 3-6pm via Groupon, Terry's Tea rooms with a view to acquiring a new shop in another part of South London.

Morning Pride
Afternoon Tea/ ceylon black
Earl Grey
Green tea and jasmine

The links above are to the blog we have written along the journey and links to the cafe website, we have set up a completely seperate company Terry's Tea Ltd that will supply Terry's Cafe with it's tea and we are also looking at various markets restaurants, cafes, Tea rooms boutique hotels, health food shops, small independents to start, we have already had a lot of interest from both America and Australia two countries that drink a lot of iced tea for which Ceylon tea is perfect, no after taste.

Terry the Old Man and Auntie Kath In typical pose

Dad, Cousin Debbie and Austin Daniel Yardley