Thursday, 3 September 2015

Plumbing wheelhouse and Boat

We have all amenities in the wheel house, as per previous posts the wheelhouse would have been accommodated 24hrs a day as a trawler so in effect is a self contained unit with it's own gas boiler, kitchen area, the actual wheel room which has a sofa/double bed and a seperate single bedroom and bathroom, the shower is a cross between a shower and a bath, ideal when you are at sea and good to bath a two year old. The only addition to the wheelhouse will be central heating from the main boiler below.

The original main boat plumbing has been removed and we have started again,  as with our previous posts we have followed the route of the boat builders, there are two main poles that run the length of the boat containg the wiring for the 24v to the rest of the boat, while we had the dividing walls down in the two bedroom we ran the pipework for the heating and hot and cold feeds for the bedroom and bathroom.

We are using two macerators one for the bathroom and utilities and another in the kitchen for the sink which will also have a waste disposal fitted, any food waste will be disposed via the macerators to feed the mullet that swim around the marina.

We bought our Delta diesel boiler new from Energy Solutions via Chrissy the heating engineer on the harbour next door.

After one last push today all the pipework is in place for both the central heating and hot and cold water in the bedrooms bathroom kitchen and front room, we still have to run the pipes to the radiators in the wheelhouse however we have mapped a route and we will get this done over the coming days as we also need to lay the floor in the wheelhouse.