Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Moving Tino to a London mooring

When we first bought Tino the plan was to do the work required at the current mooring until we either find a plot of land with river frontage or if not look for a suitable mooring while we continue our search, the current mooring has fantastic views and has allowed us to carry out the work required, however it was not the reason we bought the boat and in reality not in the long term plan.

The plan was and still is to move Tino, however one thing we have discovered on this journey is that residential moorings and the legalities of living on the water, ie security of tenure, laws governing marina's and marina owners is still a very grey area with the government. There are plots of river frontage land for sale but very few and far between.

With this in mind and keeping a positive frame of mind we have started making enquiries, not all marina's are classed as residential, if we are going to be on a paid mooring then we need to choose wisely.

We have looked at Ramsgate Harbour, Brighton Marina, Hermitage moorings Tower Bridge and we have started making enquiries at other moorings in London and the Docklands.

We are hopeful we can find a suitable mooring in and around London

The old Deptford Docks........