Monday, 21 April 2014

Polished concrete Work surface

Kitchen Worksurface

Now the kitchen is designed and layout sorted, we need to make a decision on a work surface, wood stainless steel, granite, definitely not your average laminated work surface?

The options:

Wood: the boat is made of wood everything around the kitchen is wood, needs to be a contrasting material.

Stainless steel: More industrial, bolts in the construction of the boat, possibly.

Granite: no representation to boats.

Polished concrete: White concrete work surface polished to show the aggregate and various shades of coloured glass, made on site, the large steps in the bedrooms are filled with concrete for weight distribution, hand made as per the rest of the kitchen, decision made, hand made white polished concrete work surface with shades of red green and blue coloured glass with pea gravel aggregate.

Bumped into an old friend who has just started a new business, polished concrete floors has all the grinders polishers needed.

The look we are going for.