Saturday, 26 April 2014

Kitchen update and Finley's walkway to bedroom

The units are in the doors are hung, the oven still needs to be worked out, there is a space behind the oven that will be two cupboards, to the right of the oven is a blank wall, there is some teak left so will become a spice and herb rack. The four inch tongue and groove that was taken out of the hallway dividing wall will be made into a table top and benches, the cupboards will be to the side of the table so will be handy for sauces and tableware.

Side of Oven and cupboard

The side panel has been made, looks good.

Draw and shelf insert ideas

The walkway to Finley's room needs to be worked out and a raised level put in to join the hallway, kitchen and the walk way, another leap of faith and a power saw from screwfix we are there.

Finley's walkway

After a bit of a struggle with five inch nails we have a walkway, pleased to say the least, the two bedrooms are now divided, although we can still get access to the second bedroom via the old entrance, through our bedroom, there is a bit of damp half way down, we are putting the Newton lave on so will keep the damp out of the bedroom and I am going to look into larger quantities of the Ronseal wet rot wood hardener to spray onto the boards before the newton lave to treat any rot from within, this is a problem from the outside which will be addressed when the outside of the boat is repainted.

There was a bit more wet rot than first anticipated, the positive, newton lave and new wooden skin will be completely damp proof inside ongoing.

One last push and although from some angles she looks like a ship wreck you start to appreciate the craftsmanship that went to originally building Tino, the wood taken of today was rotten and mainly due to fresh water getting in from above, I am going to give southern sheeting a call, get one of their specialist to come down and design a rain run of system.

The end result

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