Monday, 28 April 2014

Kitchen Plumbing and Electrics

Macerator pumps

Now the kitchen is under way it is time to think about the plumbing and the electrics, there is the waste output behind the 300mm cabinet, at the back of the kitchen, there will need to be a macerator pump connected to the kitchen sink, washing machine and dishwasher, to save on weekly rubbish it has been decided to connect a waste disposal to the sink for food waste, less to carry up the pontoon every week.

After a bit of research and speaking to the plumber the Sanivite macerator will be plumbed in under the sink, the carcass bottom will be cut out and the sanivite will sit under waste disposal with the dishwasher and washing plumbed into two seperate inputs, the washing machine and dishwasher will have to be used seperately as to not put pressure on the pump.


The main feed for the kitchen came in on a loop originally and is still connected, the sockets will be sunk into the inner lay of the boat skin by the electrician.

To be updated