Sunday, 20 April 2014

Heating diesel fire oven with back boiler wood burning stove or Gas....

Heating system

Armed with the information that there is over a tonne of diesel still in the tanks the decision to switch from gas to diesel for central heating and hot water was made for us, the oven was going to be diesel fed with a back boiler for central heating, however after days of investigation and calls to various manufacturers here and in Ireland it appears they are no longer manufactured due to ongoing maintenance issues, reluctantly the oven will still be gas fed and a diesel boiler fitted firing six of the big old cast iron radiators.

First qoute £2,750 for the boiler........

I have had some joy with the radiators found in a reclamation yard. Six various sizes all Princess design.

Now they just need to be stripped in Crystal Palace by Phil.

Looking good, came out better than we thought.

End result , came out nice, I think we are just going to seal them with a metal treatment called Vactan keep their naturally matured colours, still need valves, six pairs, found these on ebay £23/pair.


The previous owners decided that a woodburner was too dirty ongoing, although it powered their hot water at that time, the flue and opening in the front room are still in place, I have found a wood burner made from two old gas bottles that fits perfectly, we just need to connect everything together, any waste wood from the work downstairs will be burnt.

A wealth of information regarding wood burners, back boilers installation and safety, quite important when mixing flames and a wooden boat.