Sunday, 20 April 2014

Choosing the right people to work on your boat and new kitchen layout

With a project such as Tino you reach a point where you need to involve skilled tradesmen, having learn't lessons from previous projects whether it be business a car do things the cheap way you invariably end up with a short term gain for a long term headache. So how do you choose, first previous work, speak to the owners, one thing I have found on the marina is the best part are usually jack of all trades, with respect, however on a boat such as Tino you want to do the boat justice.

I have found a chippy to do the interior walkways and general carpentry, but for the outside and kitchen I am going to need a boat specialist and joiner/cabinet maker. One word of advice don't be scared to ask for advice and when thinking of getting some one to work on your boat ask questions, ask for references you get cowboy builders with houses the same applies to Boats, I asked one of the tug drivers bringing a boat up from Cuxton Marina if he had any recommendations, he gave me one name Pete Barnard, same name as a good friend of my old man, may be a good omen, April showers so on the back burner, I have however found a joiner cabinet maker to start work on the new kitchen layout.After making templates of appliances and cabinets we have a layout, the old kitchen, cupboard and shelves was made mainly from Teak, the wood from the old kitchen will be resized and made into the new kitchen, the wall leading to the hallway will have to come out the floor in the hallway raised and an opening for Finley's walkway.

One week later and we have the outline of a kitchen dressed doors made hinges ordered, decided on a polished concrete work surface.

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