Saturday, 13 December 2014

How to Sand a reclaimed solid hard wood floor

We have laid the mahogany strip flooring reclaimed from a school in South London, we use a secret nail hardwood floor gun hired from HSS hire, you basically line the planks out before securing, to  create the least amount of cuts and joins, we managed to hide alot of the joins and smaller pieces where the beds will sit, with the gun you line the planks in position, you then align the nail gun to the plank and hit it with the mallet twice, the nail gun sends a nail through the strip and into ply at a 30 degree angle, the first three planks were secured with tongue and groove screws.

Deciding what lacquer once again turned us to youtube where we found a channel  
"how to sand a floor" professionally what equipment to use, sanders, grades of paper and the process, which brand filler, lacquer and primer. 
We watched the various videos and subscribed to the channel. Very informative.

Subscribe to the website simple email and name which gives you access to section, " What products I use"

We have sourced the recommended primer lacquer and filler we will make a start Monday morning.

We have a belt, rotary and corner sander.

We will take pictures along the way.