Sunday, 7 December 2014

All is well

Due to a complete technical failure we have been unable to update the blog,  however work has not stopped.

The boat has now been completely sanded, treated with CPES caulked filled and painted black, we will go into full detail of all the products we have used and those we discovered along the way.

We have started work on the inside and have made considerable progress, you may remember the old concrete gully in the bedrooms, that has been rebuilt, the gully and metal rumnners were covered in a water proof seal the new frame work and floors have gone in in the bedrooms as well as the damp proofing.

We have sourced a strip mahogany floor for the bedrooms, a mahogany parquet floor for the captains cabin and laid the solid oak strip floor that was previously in the first bedroomin the front room.

The hallway floor is being double skinned with 12mm & 18mm ply and will be finished with the 6mm chequer plate previously on the outside decks, the bathroom will just have the 12mm ply this will allow us to create a clean level between the hallway and bathroom/wet room.