Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Reclaimed solid Oak parquet flooring

We have now sourced the final piece of the puzzle regarding the floors, as you walk into the front room there is currently a mock Oak laminate floor, the supporting structure is made up of four by two joists and runners, with a ply board top, the plan being to rip up the laminate, wherever needed we will replace any part of the structure we feel needs replacing or levelling before we lay the reclaimed oak parquet foor.

A little tip we picked up before we hot wax oil, seal the sanded and buffed floor with a thin layer of Libron floor sealer, this will slow down the saturation of the hot wax oil giving a more even spread and finish of the wax, the hot wax oil soaks into the wood quickly different parts of the wood will be drier than others, we have gone for a matt finish downstairs and a satin finish in the front room to bounce more light around.