Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Reclaimed solid Mahogany strip and parquet flooring

The parquet above in bags for the wheelhouse.

We have sourced 25m of mahogany strip flooring, tongue and groove which we have destapled, we are ready to lay it, we repaired the gully under original floor, raised the height by 7" in total, 2"rise 4x2 battening and3/4" wpb ply and the strip flooring on top, we took our levels when the tide was in, impossible when the tide is out unless your boat sits level, a tall order from nature. 

The 7" rise will  allow for airflow, you may remember our original post regarding the state of the gully, moisture was trapped under the floor there was no airflow so the concrete had started to disintegrate.

We made a strong concrete mix with pea shingel and a rapid hardner to fill the holes and we made a cement screed for the topcoat.

To seal the concrete we used another Smith and co product a very simple water proofing solution that you simply mix with water, using a stiff broom you work the solution into the concrete, this is usually used for auto workshops and garages in America so perfect for what we want.