Thursday, 20 August 2015

Solar powered 24v trickle charge system

We now have three Mitsubishi 185 watt  solar panels connected in series running to a blue solar  130 1 35 charge controller connected to four 12v 350ah batteries.

We have 85v coming from the panels to the charger, we changed the bulbs in the front room to 12 1watt LEDs, when we bought Tino there were three 24v fuse boxes, the kitchen was originally two rooms with two fuse boxes and the bathroom lighting and pumps ran of a seperate fuse box in the bathroom. Myles's original jabsco water system and pumps will be run through one fuse box, the upstairs and downstairs lighting through another and the automatic bilge system and pumps through another all powered via the 24v system, all trickle charged by the Solar panels and Blue Solar chage controller. Charge Controller cabling and advice from Energy Solutions, Riverside, Medway Trading Estate, thank you Mark Kemsley for your input and advice.