Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Reclaimed Cast Iron Spiral staircase

Now we have the floors in both upstairs and down it is time to look at getting the spiral staircase in and secure, Daisy is going on holiday to Brighton for a week so perfect timing.

We bought the staircase at an agricultural farmers auction in Paddock wood in a field for £200 ten treads and the main pole, we bought the balusters seperately from a little reclamation yard in Rochester, we just have to marry it all together, we still have to tap and dye a few more of the balasters, you may remember our metal work lesson, with the right tools and a demonstration is tricky but not as hard as it first sounds.

The subfloor in the hallway below has been strengthened to take the weight. The bilge hatch has still to be cut and a foot plate made to give the right angle for the first tread, as per previous make a template of the treads with a screw in the middle to work out the exact positions of the staircase, we tried using the staircase becomes too heavy after three or four treads and nye on impossible to move.

Old staircase, pretty steep, short treads, accident waiting to happen. You can also see the former dividing wall that was used to make the kitchen table and benches.

Our new staircase, it has now had a good clean and treated for rust, will flow nicely, took a while to get the right angle with the template, be patient, once in all your efforts will be rewarded.