Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Black pudding sample, caulking tools and practise board

The mallets have arrived, two solid pieces of craftmanship in themselves, we have now have a set, the weather is with us so we have been reefing out the old oakum and working on the Oak planks, there have been a few patches that we have had to fill with Smith and Co's epoxy   Fll it filler, available from the link, an epoxy filler made with wood fibres, ideal for wooden boats which has saved us alot of time and money, we have salvaged planks that previously would have had to have been cut and joined.

The tools and oakum

We also made a tool using two bits of kindling wood an old rough saw blade held together with gaffa tape which was very useful for reefing out the old oakum.

We knocked up a sample of our own version of the black pudding filling compound mix, we have also ordered five litres of the current marketed black pudding, isoflex rubber paint and portland cement and also another mix we have read for under the water line anti fouling paint and portland cement.

The black pudding, we were dubious at the time however we did try to use it straight after mixing, we were surprised with the findings the next day.

We put it in and using linseed oil we smoothed it of, in the morning it had cured and expanded, we tried to pull it out, with enough force you could split it but it was in firm, we broke piece of and noticed that the portland cement had created tiny air bubbles so the mixture had expanded.

We have also been practising caulking with a piece of tongue and groove.

Another idea for the finished paint job