Friday, 16 October 2015

Electrics complete rewire

When we bought the boat we inherited what can only be described as spaghetti junction in regards to the wiring of the electrics, as previously stated we are rewiring the whole boat following the same route the original boat builder used to wire the 24v system.

Iwe have a fuse box in the engine room, another in the front room and a further box in the wheelhouse.

We have changed the halogen lights for 1 watt leds and are doing the same in Finley's corridor the hall way and kitchen. There will be a feed to the boat fom the pontoon, a link in the engine room to the new electrics. from there there will be one 6mm feed via the the boat builder's rpute to the kitchen where there will be an old electrics box containing the 24v fuse box and the 240v fuse box, All the electrics will run back via the boat builders route to the bedrooms, kitchen, hallway and upstairs into the frontroom and a 240v feed to the wheelhopuse, one doublesocket. the rest of the wheelhouse runs from the 24v system.

More pictures to follow