Friday, 1 August 2014

Black Pudding update

As per our previous post we are making our own filler compound, black pudding a mix of rubber paint and portland cement, to mix use a cordless drill and paint mixer adding the portland cement gradually until a thick bread dough consistency.

This is a dirty job, some people will leave the mix overnight, we made up small batches, a litre at a time and simply filled another tub with the dry portland cement, as with working with dough you use flour to handle and work the dough we applied the same logic to the black pudding by adding small balls of the mix to the cement which made the black pudding easier to handle, we then simply pushed the mix into the seams using pointing trails and our fingers, remember to prime the seams with pure rubber paint.

put four pairs of latex gloves on when you start, when they get too clogged up and they will you can pull one pair of and you have a clean pair underneath saves alot of time.

our not so new little runaround

Mask the seams, will be neater in the long run.

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